Sport Medicine (Knee and shoulder Surgeries)

Sport injuries causing sprains or ligaments tears are common occurrence. With increasingly active lifestyle and sporting activities these injuries are becoming more prevalent. Timely and proper treatment of these injuries can help people return back to normal activities with near total restoration of activity level. Delayed or improper treatments can be detrimental. Sometimestimely surgical treatment can prevent long term damages and disabilities. It is evolving science and I endeavour to keep myself updated to provide best possible treatment to mypatients.

These injuries can involve minor sprain and strains of joints/ ligaments. Also, they can present as serious joint injuries. Knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hips are commonly involved joints. Please seek advice if you have any of these joint issues.

Most of these injuries can be managed without surgeries or expensive investigations. Multiple biological as well as minimal invasive treatment options are available nowadays. Please consider consultation if you have any of these joint issues.

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Ligament Reconstructions

Injured ligaments may lose their function after injury. Damage can be structural with partial or complete loss of integrity of fibres. Also, it can be a functional loss due to loss of joint position (Proprioception) sensation with minimal loss of structural integrity. Identification of extent of damage both clinically as well as through imaging followed by making appropriate judgement of possible outcomes with available treatment options is an art which comes with an experience. It helps clinician to adjust risk benefit ratio to offer most optimal treatment to the patient. With my extensive experience in managing full spectrum of ligament injuries with
conservative, non-invasive as well as operative management my aim is to give you full functional recovery with minimal residual morbidity. Please seek advice if you have any ligament issues.

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Cartilage preservation/ restoration/ regeneration

Cartilage of joint is essential to maintain smooth frictionless function of joint. Premature damage to cartilage due to various factors especially but not restricted to the trauma can lead to loss of or poor function of joints. It is essential to find and treat this condition as soon as possible to prevent further damage and avoid functional limitations. There are multiple treatment options available for these injuries ranging from well established procedures to various experimental procedures yet to be proven with major studies. With my immense experience in management of these conditions I can offer balanced approach between proven surgeries as well as possible best outcomes with experimental procedures. Please consider consultation if required.

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Knee Preservation Surgeries

Joint replacement is not answer for everything!! Rather it should be the last resort. I firmly believe in preserving native joint as long as feasible along with maintaining desired life style. There are various knee preservation methods as well as surgeries available which can avoid joint replacement. Retaining most of joint and ligament have proven to give high satisfaction to the patients.

I have multiple years of experience in preservation of most of the joints with conservative methods, biologics, injections, minimally invasive surgeries or partial replacement surgeries. I offer my patient unique solutions to their unique situation to give them their desirable lifestyle with aim of retaining most of their joint. Consider consultation if you have any joint/ arthritis issues.

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Partial Knee Replacement

Not all arthritic joints need complete joint replacement. Most of the times only a compartment of joint is affected. If treated early these joints can be treated by partial replacement of joints. This gives more natural feeling of joints by preserving most of the joint and ligaments. These surgeries are technically demanding and need experience especially for appropriate patient selection. I have expertise to offer these surgeries if suitable for your joint. Book your appointment if you would like to know more about these options.

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Hip Replacement

Hip replacement has revolutionised joint replacement surgeries. Hip arthritis can be present in young as well as old population. Multiple options are available in terms of implants and techniques to perform successful hip replacement surgeries. Implants can be fixed with or without cement and various bearing options are available for articulating surfaces. Each of them has specific merits in unique situations. I can offer you individualised care by selecting appropriate implants and approach for your joint condition, bony patterns along with your demands to offer you long lasting hip joint replacement.

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Treatment of General Orthopedics/ Spine/ Pediatric Orthopedic ailment

Diagnosing and treating orthopaedic ailment is an art. Often symptoms overlap and precise diagnosis can be difficult without prior expertise leading to inappropriate and unindicated treatment. Also, vast varieties of treatment modalities are available making treatment decision even more difficult without appropriate expertise and experience of the subject. Multiple years of experience in treating complex orthopaedic ailment ranging from precise diagnosis to exact treatment has enabled me to provide exact diagnosis and most effective treatment method. Book appointment if you are suffering from any orthopaedic issues, I can
guide you for appropriate treatment.

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Arthroscopies of Knee and shoulder

Arthroscopies or key hole surgeries have become very common practice in orthopaedics. Conventionally these surgeries were done with big incisions around joint. Technology has made it possible to perform same surgeries with more precision with small incisions with minimal morbidity. Most of the joint surgeries are done via key hole surgeries now a days.

However substantial experience and training is needed to perform these surgeries accurately. These are technically demanding surgeries needing excellent psychomotor skills. I have trained with excellent surgeons at top institutes to learn and master these surgeries. I have spent many years to master these surgeries to the perfection.

Consider consultation if you have any joint problems to get solutions. I have very conservative approach and surgeries are advised only if absolutely necessary with maximum possibility of success.

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Soft issue repair/ reconstruction

Ligament and soft tissue injuries can pose very difficult problems and often very disabling if treated inappropriately. Ligaments are very important for structural functions as well as providing positional sense to the joint and limb. Depending on severity injury, functional rehabilitation or ligament repair / reconstruction is indicated. Timely treatment can help to achieve preinjury level of function. Book consultation if you need expert advise for your injury.s.

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Treatment of Complex Injuries

Joints are very composite structure with very complex biomechanics. Also, injuries often present with combination of multiple ligament and structural damages. Main challenges in treatment of these condition involves identification of individual injuries, assessment of tissues for repair / reconstruction, identifying sequence and timings for intervention and judgement on fixation methods to mobilise joint as soon as possible to maintain function and status of joint. Timely treatment of these injuries in expert hands can provide you better functional outcomes.

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Osteotomies/ Deformity Corrections

Osteotomies have shown to provide predictable and reliable pain relief in arthritis. However, indications are selective and proper patient selection is important. Also, there are different techniques available to perform these surgeries. This is one of the joint preservation surgeries which can avoid joint replacement. Additionally, it allows full active lifestyle without risk of failure of implants as seen in the joint replacement. However expert surgeon with experience
in these surgeries is needed to advise you properly if you would be benefited by these surgeries and execute surgeries with perfection. Consider consultation if you are suffering from arthritis and wants to explore these options.

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AVON PFJ replacement Total Knee replacement

Patello-femoral joint (Arthritis behind your knee cap) is very complex and still a mystery to treat. Many patients present with isolated Patello femoral (Knee Cap) joint arthritis but mayends up getting full knee replacement. AVON PFJ replacement surgery has enabled surgeons to offer isolated replacement of this joint compartment which is isolated knee cap replacement. This gives excellent pain relief with retention of rest of the joint. However there is not much awareness or misconceptions about this option as it is not widely available or performed by most of the surgeons due to lack of training and expertise. It is well established procedure. Consider consultation if you are advised full joint replacement and want to check if you qualify for this procedure instead of full joint replacement.

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Complex and routine trauma Surgeries

Trauma surgeries are commonly performed by orthopaedic surgeons for broken bones. However similar to every patient’s personality, every fracture has its personality. Appropriate initial treatment can avoid potential problems of non and mal union. Experience of surgeon alongside appropriate training is must to get optimal functional recovery after these fractures. Consider opinion if you have similar injuries.

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Computer Assisted orthopedic surgeries

Similar to other industries; computer, robotics and artificial intelligence is revolutionising the way in which surgeries are performed. They help in improving precision of surgeries as well as better decision making. Computer and robotics assistance have shown to reduce tissue dissections and better post operative outcomes. Joint replacement done with use of robotics assistance is well established procedure. Consider opinion if you want to know if your surgery can be done with robotic assistance.

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