having a wonderful life My hip joints were severely affected by arthritis, making it difficult for me to move, and I was really fearful of surgery. Nevertheless, sir instilled confidence in me, and now that I have both hip joints replaced, I am living a beautiful life. Regards, sir.

Avinash Shinde

Best orthopedic surgeon Regarding Dr. Ulhas Sonar, I am at a loss for words. Dr. Ulhas replaced my mother’s mother’s knee joint, and she is now completely OK. Excellent pre- and post-operative care is provided. The doctor is cordial with the patient.

Rahul Shah

He performed two operations on my son’s broken hands and also performed a total knee replacement on my mother-in-law. Together with his exceptional surgical abilities, what sets him apart is his capacity for patient connection.

Ashutosh Sovan

Doctor had treated me for my recurrent trapezius spasms. He thoroughly described my issue and the potential further treatments, and his treatment was amazingly effective. And it was successful. orthopaedic in the area that is well regarded

Mrunmayi Avachat